Australia to Ban Super Trawlers

One of the greatest enemies of the oceans, the super trawler, is set to be permanently banned from Australian waters. Super trawlers are massive ships—well over 100 meters long—that decimate fisheries by scooping up tens of thousands of fish at a time. Many of them even carry large-scale processing units and freezers, enabling them to stay […]
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Unilever Drops “Just Mayo” Lawsuit

The most stupid lawsuit in the entire history of stupid lawsuits has just been dropped, thanks in no small part to the litigators realizing that it was, well, a stupid lawsuit with zero chance of success. Mayo giant Unilever, which owns the Hellman’s and Best Foods brands, has dropped its lawsuit against Hampton Creek’s Just […]
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DIY Vegan Holiday Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for a friend can be challenging, so here are a few ideas that you can make yourself and customize to suit your friends’ tastes. The secret ingredients? Mason jars packed with your favorite vegan things! 1. Snack Lovers’ Jar Pack a large mason jar full of your favorite vegan treats like […]
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DIY Festive Vegan Holiday Tags

The holidays present a special opportunity to share a compassionate message with friends and family. From giving vegan cookbooks or other cruelty-free holiday gifts to sharing vegan cupcakes with loved ones, there is no shortage of upbeat ways to spread compassion. Here’s easy and fun craft idea that you can pull together in under an hour for […]
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McDonald’s Jolted by Huge Sales Drop

Just five weeks ago, I wrote an article titled, “Healthy Competitors Grab Market Share from McDonald’s.” The piece suggested that McDonald’s will likely be in a world of hurt if they don’t quickly innovate more healthful, plant-based menu items. I wrote: From a business perspective, it undoubtedly once made sense for McDonald’s to err on the […]
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Governor Christie Fails New Jersey (And Pigs)

For the second time in the past few weeks, Jon Stewart has once again called out Governor Chris Christie for standing in the way of banning one of the cruelest practices in factory farming—all for the slight chance of political gain. Last week Governor Christie vetoed a massively popular bill that would have outlawed pig gestation crates in […]
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Vegan Holiday Giveaways

Ho ho ho, the holidays are almost here! And to celebrate, we’re giving away nearly $1,000 worth of vegan goodies. Every day for the next 10 days, we’ll be revealing a new giveaway on this page—so check back often. The winners will be selected on December 25. Good luck! Win a Stamped Vegan Necklace by Christy […]
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Is the Milk Industry Circling the Drain?

Sales of milk have been horrible lately, but nothing tells the story like the long-term picture.  In 1982, the United States population stood at 232 million. Today it’s 317 million people. So if America’s milk consumption per person were flat, we’d still expect a 36 percent increase in US milk sales from 1982 just to keep […]
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